1.386 billion


Standard Mandarin


Buddhism and Folk Religion

The Nanling Mountains, the southernmost of the east-west mountain ranges, overlook areas in China with a tropical climate. The climate allows two crops of rice to be grown per year. Southeast of the mountains lies a coastal, hilly region of small deltas and narrow valley plains.

China is 2 hours and 15 minutes ahead of Nepal

 International students should find increasing levels of investment in tertiary education to be a compelling reason to study in China.

In 2012, China reached its target of spending 4 percent of GDP on education, while the number of colleges and universities has doubled in the last decade, now standing at around 2,900. The country’s current five-year plan, which extends to 2020, focuses on modernizing and strengthening its higher education system, with key initiatives such as Project 211, which aims to bring 100 Chinese universities up to a world-class standard, and Project 985, which aims to create an even more elite group of universities. Project 985 has resulted in the creation of the C9 league, which has ambitions of becoming something like the US Ivy League.

Want to be one of the many international students heading to China every year?


Why study in China?

1) Affordable tuition and scholarships
2) Learn from China’s development
3) Enhance your global experience
4) Improve your career prospects
5) Learn Chinese language
6) Discover Chinese culture


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